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What are the Results of A Critical Analysis of Reporting in Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in the Peyronie's… https://t.co/btfz6thSqc

Congratulations to Dr. Sadeghi-Nejad, this year's recipient of the Ira Sharlip Lecture Award at #AUA22! https://t.co/sMPBCYjSNk

Today the attendees of the #SMSNA program at #AUA22 enjoyed an enthusiastic debate on the ethics of charging patien… https://t.co/a74Sd9fYbL

Dr. Daniela Wittmann spoke on the link between sexual dysfunction & mental health disorders this morning at the… https://t.co/Ir2CjAaqe3

Hourglass deformity in men with #PeyroniesDisease was a trending topic today at the #SMSNA program at #AUA22. Exper… https://t.co/7FpzRBiXTA

What is the relationship between #ErectileDysfunction and #ObstructiveSleepApnea? Dr. John Mulhall discussed the ov… https://t.co/G7oQHETnJB

Today during the #SMSNA program at #AUA22, Dr. Matthew Ziegelmann discussed when to use penile traction therapy and… https://t.co/4bMD5j3ku6

Be sure to attend the sponsored lunch symposia, at the #SMSNA Scientific Program at AUA, by Antares Pharma, Friday,… https://t.co/EEBK4tqrEq

A recent research study looked at the use of mindfulness on managing insecure attachment maladaptive sexual motivat… https://t.co/K1zi1yeLMt

Thank you to our Platinum sponsors for their support of the 27th Annual Scientific Program at AUA 2022! And thank y… https://t.co/4prjIMqfBs

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Is the Penis a use it or lose it organ?

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