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What are Rates of Injury and Healthcare Utilization for Kink-Identified Patients? #Kink #BDSM #Fetishhttps://t.co/NrEzu5wm2R

New cross-sectional study finds that post-menopausal women may experience higher rates of body image dissatisfactio… https://t.co/2i5GNZYe2d

Registration is open for the next SMSNA webinar on How to Build a Transgender Surgery Program, featuring… https://t.co/ij7UoAAFCt

The association between sleep disturbances and erectile dysfunction during the COVID-19 pandemic. https://t.co/GXFaKIaNku

What are Prostate Cancer Patients’ Experiences with Erectile Aids? https://t.co/YDys2jJrdy #ProstateCancerhttps://t.co/cUfh4ezaa4

A new study sheds light on what parts of the female brain are activated during sexual touch. Read on… https://t.co/h6YhpSgZQm

Did you know SMSNA membership is free for students/residents? With opportunities to serve on committees, present at… https://t.co/kQC7Ui6OBs

It's officially a new year! Who are the must-follow Twitter accounts for those trying to learn more about sexual me… https://t.co/sd9uWFua6t

Can New Year resolutions to #exercise more improve sexual dysfunction in #ProstateCancer survivors? #NewYearNewMehttps://t.co/YegEUHNPMj

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