SMSNA Pfizer Research Fellowship in Men's Health

Submission for the 2021 SMSNA Pfizer Research Fellowship in Men's Health is now open!

The purpose of the fellowship program is to support clinical and/or basic research in men’s sexual health and foster development of expertise in the field of men’s health. The funding is intended to supplement post-doctoral research activities and conference participation to present those activities.

The maximum award amount is $25,000.

The award term is July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

Submission deadline is March 2, 2021.

Eligibility Information

  • Applications will be accepted only from SMSNA members in good standing.
  • Applications will be accepted from post-docs in training.
  • Proof of institutional support for salaries and benefits should be provided at the time of application (letter from Department Chair, Dean or Designated Institutional Officer).
  • For MD’s, a medical license valid in the United States or Canada and proof of satisfactory completion of residency training are required.
  • For all human Research, IRB number and approval must be documented. Pre-clinical animal research should be reviewed and approved by the ACAR at funding institution.

Funding and Distribution of Funds
Allowable expenses include research supplies, statistical consultation, and logistical support for the assessment and care of research subjects or animals. All awards must be used for the direct expenses of the program and may not be used to cover a salary for a position or activities that bill patient services. Overhead expenses are not allowable.

Awards will be paid to the sponsoring institution (medical school, hospital, university). Awards will not be paid directly to the successful applicant or mentor. Funds will be payable in two annual installments available for distribution on or about July 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021. The SMSNA Foundation does not withhold taxes from the stipends (i.e., federal withholding, social security, local or state taxes, etc.). It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that appropriate federal and local taxes are accounted for.

Submission Process
Complete online application via link below. The application requires the following documents, so please have these ready prior when you are planning to submit your application:


  • CV
  • Proof of institutional support for salaries and benefits should be provided at the time of application (letter from Department Chair, Dean or Designated Institutional Officer).
  • Preliminary research data
  • Outline of proposed investigation including potential alternatives and problems that may be confronted
  • A budget for the proposed study with documentation regarding other available funds (if any) supporting the proposed project

Other required documentation:

  • A letter of support from a faculty mentor
  • Two additional letters of recommendation from SMS members

* Letters of Support/Recommendation can be submitted directly to SMSNA via the following link: Letter of Recommendation

Alternatively, letters can be submitted as attachments to the application.

Applicants will also be required to submit the following information:

  • Bio-sketch
  • Research experience
  • Career plan
  • Research abstract
  • Detailed description of the specific aims of the research
  • Background of the problem being addressed

Application Review and Selection Process
Applications are competitive and open to all relevant institutions and candidates in the geographic region of SMSNA and in the therapeutic area of men’s health. All applications will be evaluated by a peer review panel of expert physician-scientists and researchers. All funding decisions will be approved by the Board of the SMSNA Foundation.